The most famous underwear in history

The most famous underwear in history

Underwear is an intimate garment that usually goes unnoticed, but that sometimes has gained prominence and has become a symbol of popular culture. In this article we will review some of the most iconic underwear that have been worn by historical, famous or fictional characters, and what they say about their personality or their time.

Napoleon Bonaparte

The French emperor is known for his military and political conquests, but also for his peculiar way of dressing. Napoleon used to wear long and white underwear, which covered him to the knees, and which were adjusted with a ribbon at the waist. These underwear were typical of the time and were called “culottes”. Napoleon used them to protect himself from the cold and from the rubbing of the pants. In addition, according to some historians, Napoleon’s underwear had a sentimental value, as he had inherited them from his father.


The most famous superhero in the world has a very recognizable suit: a blue leotard with a red cape and the symbol of the S on the chest. But what draws the most attention are his red underwear over his pants. Why does he wear them like that? There are several theories about it. One of them is that it is a tribute to the old acrobats and circus wrestlers, who used that garment to highlight their physical attributes. Another is that it is due to a practical issue: the underwear prevents the leotard from wrinkling or sliding. And another is that it is simply a matter of aesthetics: the underwear breaks the monotony of the blue color and creates a visual contrast.

James Bond

The most famous secret agent in cinema has worn several types of underwear throughout his history, but perhaps the most memorable one is the one worn by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale (2006). It is a tight blue boxer, which highlights his musculature and his sexual appeal. This underwear caused a sensation among the public and became an icon of men’s fashion. According to the designer of the suit, Lindy Hemming, the underwear was chosen by the actor himself, who bought it in a store in Bahamas, where the scene was filmed.

Homer Simpson

The protagonist of the animated series The Simpsons is a comic and endearing character, but also a bit careless and lazy. His usual clothing consists of a white shirt, blue pants and brown shoes. But when he is at home, he likes to relax on the couch with a can of beer and white underwear with red hearts. These underwear reflect his childish and innocent personality, but also his love for his wife Marge, to whom he gave some equal ones in the episode “Lisa’s Secret War”.

These are just some examples of the most famous underwear in history, but there are many more. Underwear is a garment that can reveal a lot about the character, style or time of those who wear it. And you? What kind of underwear do you prefer?

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